CHOKER VIBES - The oh so 90's choker is back & in full force!

Since mid 2016 our Instagram feed have been blowing up with the resurgence of the ever-popular 90's trend. Due to this relaunch, chokers are back, and in full force. The trend has truly come a long way since the black elasticised tattoo-style days. We are now torn between making the decision of creating a look surrounding a statement style or using the choker to add that one extra element to our outfits.

Over the last few months we have seen popular it girls such as Gigi and Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and various bloggers sporting the trend. This go-to accessory has been incorporated into street style looks, red-carpet glam and is an accessory everyone should have in their collection.

The choker has been gracing fashion week runways and Instagram feeds since the spring/summer collections of 2016 and has no sign of slowing down. Oscar de la Renta introduced us to the subtly of the choker in his romanticised collection, whilst Rihanna's Fenty line brought forward a new kind of cool with thick black chokers and gothic embellishments. This year shows signs of the choker progressing into a major statement piece, utilising fabrics such as leather, silks, heavy embellishments, metals, thick chains and velvets. We will also see dainty and delicate touches to the choker and multiple chokers being worn at once for a stacked effect.

The Saint choker will be the perfect addition to your accessories collection this year. It incorporates textured suede fabrics, an edgy lace-up design and is the perfect colour to suit multiple outfits. Style this choker with loose white fabrics such as linen, to add structure back into or outfit or pair it with your favourite ripped jeans and band tee to grunge things up. SHOP THE LOOK!

Written by Taylah Antoniolli